Dr Elizabeth Scotchman

Clinical Scientist

Lizzie is a clinical scientist in the translational research team. She studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Genetics, at Cambridge University and then went on to do a PhD in Paul Nurse’s lab at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. She trained and worked as a clinical scientist at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust before moving to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2019. During her scientist training she achieved an MSc in Clinical Science (Clinical Genetics) from Nottingham University, during which she carried out a research project investigating the use of long-read sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION for the characterisation of mitochondrial DNA rearrangements.

Lizzie’s main research focus is developing new non-invasive prenatal tests for single gene disorders, and currently she is investigating the use of long-read sequencing for prenatal genetic diagnosis. She has also been involved in setting up rapid prenatal exome sequencing as a clinical diagnostic service.