Dr Vaneesha Gibbons

Lead Quality Assurance Manager

As Quality Lead for the North London GLH my focus is to develop an integrated quality, safety and risk management system across our hub.

Genetic testing provided by the laboratories in our GLH is accredited to current ISO15189 standards for medical laboratories, so the bar is already set high.

By sharing tried and tested systems and processes in use within the hub as well as learning from our challenges, we can target adaptions to our respective Quality Management Systems to add value to our services. 

To deliver this complex service there are multiple stakeholders with their own demands and limitations.

Effective responses to these demands and limitations are managed by gearing them towards the needs and requirements of our end users: the clinical teams and their patients.

The goals to build state of the art genomic services using new and emerging technologies at high throughput, with value for money to improve patient outcomes will be underpinned by rigorous implementation of the highest standards of quality.