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How the North Thames GLH is working with partners to provide education and training to support you

As Genomic Medicine is becoming an integral part of clinical practice we have an evolving Education and Training Plan with the aim of ensuring the current, and future, workforce are able to support patients and their families in optimising the opportunities the new Genomic Medical Service has to offer.

Modular Approach

While all healthcare professionals will need to have genomics on their radar we appreciate people will be at different stages of their journey in terms of their role in this area of medicine.  We also recognise that different staff groups/specialties will have varying levels of involvement in terms of the role they will play in delivering a Genomic Medicine Service.

With this in mind our module approach aims to develop resources to enable healthcare professionals to easily access appropriate content in a timely manner.

If you are a healthcare professional seeking information on ordering genomic and genetic testing from the new Genomic Laboratory Hub read our information for healthcare professionals.

Training Events and Resources

Working with our partner trusts and associated organisations, including Health Education England (HEE), we are organising a schedule of educational interventions, including on-line interactive sessions. 

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Resource Catalogue

We know that the wealth of information, supporting material and programmes aimed at professionals is not always easily accessible, or clear about how it might support you and your role in genomic medicine, now or in the future.

To support users we have developed a resource catalogue, this will be an evolving repository as the field continues to expand and mature.

Specialist interest in Genomics

If you would like to get involved or hear more about our plans please feel free to contact:
Corinne Trim
Education and Training Lead


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