EXPRESS Study Parent and Family Newsletter Launched

This month the EXPRESS (Optimising EXome PREnatal Sequencing Services) study has published its first newsletter for parents and families.

The voices of parents and families are central to research and
the EXPRESS newsletter is where you can find out all you need to
know about how the group are involving parents and families in their work.

The national prenatal exome sequencing (pES) service launched in
October 2020. This service is now offered as part of antenatal
NHS care when scan findings suggest that a baby may have a
genetic condition unlikely to be diagnosed by standard tests.
Because pES has not been offered in this way before, it is
important that we evaluate how it is being delivered. This is the
purpose of the EXPRESS study.

Over the next two years, the EXPRESS research team will evaluate the pES service. They will provide feedback about how it is being delivered
across England so that we can ensure a service that both benefits
and supports parents and families, and can be accessed equally
by everyone.

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