Event for Healthcare Professionals

Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine Across a Lifetime

Did you know that genomic medicine could affect how you
diagnose and manage patients from their pre-natal care,
through childhood and adolescence, and adulthood?

To make sure everyone for whom genomics is appropriate can
access the tests that are right for them, it’s important that all
NHS healthcare professionals feel confident to recognise when
it’s time to think genomics for their patients.

The North Thames and South East Genomic Medicine Services are
running a series of webinars which will explore how Genomic
Medicine can affect a patient across different stages of their life, and
how different NHS disciplines are vital to making sure genomics is
used safely and effectively.

Join our MDT panels for a #GenomicsConversation and learn more about where genomics is already being used, where it might go in the future and explore example case studies across the lifetime.

  • Tuesday 21st June 12:30-1pm | Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine in Adulthood
  • Wednesday 22nd June 12:30-1pm | Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Thursday 23rd June 12:30-1pm |Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine in Pregnancy and Pre-Natal Care

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