North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub for somatic cancer testing

Clinical Genomics Staff and contact numbers

  • For enquiries please contact the laboratory using the telephone numbers in the list of contacts below.
  • For issues relating to the service on a day-to-day basis the point of contact will be Julie Howard-Reeves (Operational lead and Lead Scientist – North Thames GLH) or Dr Mikel Valganon-Petrizan (Deputy Operations Lead).

Quick guide to obtaining required information
or action

List of contacts

Type of query Who to contact
Formal and long term change to service provided Julie Howard-Reeves
(Operational Lead and Lead Scientist – North Thames GLH) or
Dr Mikel Valganon-Petrizan (Deputy Operations Lead) .
Ad hoc change to gene reporting
(Please note in all cases this must be made in the form of a written request to the clinical scientist with whom the request has been discussed. The request will be replied to with any impacts on TATs clearly identified and agreed before any changes made. Heads of service should be included in any email conversations for audit purposes.)
Molecular diagnostics: and        020 8915 6521


Cytogenetics: and 
020 8722 4232

Clinical interpretation of results Molecular diagnostics:
020 8915 6521
202 8915 6587
0208722 4232
Change in sample status from standard to urgent priority
(Solid tumour testing only)
020 8915 6536
General service enquiries Team administrators: 020 8915 6565 or 020 8915 6648
Name / Department Contact details
Main office / General enquiries Molecular Diagnostics
020 8915 6565 – Fax: 020 8915 6566


020 8722 4232 – Fax: 02087224232

Dr Michael Hubank
Scientific Director  
Dr Mikel Valganon-Petrizan (Deputy Operations Lead)
Julie Howard-Reeves
Operational Lead and Lead Scientist – North Thames GLH)  
Dr Suzanne MacMahon
Senior Clinical Scientist (Solid tumours)
Jamshid Khorashad
Senior Clinical Scientist (Haemato-oncology Molecular diagnostics)
Tracy Thornton
Senior Clinical Scientist (Haemato-oncology cytogenetics)  
Ms Dee Collins & Ms Marion Sullivan
Team Administrators &

Location of the North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub Cancer laboratory

The laboratory providing the services is located at:

Clinical Genomics Department
Molecular Diagnostics and Cytogenetics
The Centre for Molecular Pathology
The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
15 Cotswold Road
Surrey SM2 5NG