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Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine in Adulthood Webinar

Recording of a webinar run by The North Thames and South East Genomic Medicine Services in June 2022 which explored how Genomic
Medicine can affect a patient in adulthood and discussed a hypothetical case showing how different disciplines may be involved.


Dr Angela Brady; Consultant Clinical Geneticist North West Thames Regional Genetics Service, Honorary Senior Lecturer Imperial College London,  Clinical Education Lead North Thames GMSA

Claire Brooks; Senior Clinical Scientist, North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub

Dr Anwar Khan; GP Lead, North Thames GMSA

Dharmisha Chauhan; Lead Genomic Pharmacist, North Thames GMSA

Presentation Resource Video

Let’s Talk: Genomic Medicine in Childhood Webinar

Recording of a webinar run by The North Thames and South East Genomic Medicine Services in June 2022 which explored how Genomic Medicine can affect a patient in childhood and discussed a hypothetical case showing how different disciplines may be involved.


Dr Phil Ostrowski; SpR in Clinical Genetics, SW Thames Centre for Genomics

Dominic Studart; Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) Project Nurse, North Thames GMSA

Nisha Shaunak; Lead Pharmacist South East GMSA

Dr Anwar Khan; GP Lead, North Thames GMSA

Online Course

Lynch Syndrome online training for pathologists

Lynch syndrome is a cancer predisposition syndrome in which the main concerns are colorectal and endometrial cancer. There is also a risk of other cancers, although less frequently.

The National Lynch Syndrome Project Team (lead by the North Thames & South East GMSA teams), in collaboration with Dr Nicholas West, Associate Professor of Pathology and Honorary Consultant in Gastrointestinal Pathology, University of Leeds, have launched an online training for pathologists which is currently available via the RM Partners West London Cancer Alliance.

This training includes modules focussed on both colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer pathways. It is recommended that participants take the modules and tests specific to the cancer pathway they work within.

The training involves watching two short videos which cover all the different stages of the Lynch syndrome pathway, and then completing the two related online questionnaires to ensure that you have understood correctly the processes and procedures for testing. In addition, the training provides a range of supporting documents to help understand this pathway.

Presentation Resource Video

Bringing Genomics into routine care: Panel Q&A

Recording of a virtual Q&A hosted in June 2021 for NHS healthcare professionals to learn more about how genomics is being embedded into the NHS. Particularly relevant for nurses, midwives, health visitors and pharmacists.

Video Overview

SessionClip time
Presentation: Genomics in our practice00:00 – 26:20
Panel Q&A: Ask our team26:20 – 43:44
What to do next: Education and training resources43:54 – 51:31

The Panel

  • Natalie Percival, Chief nursing officer at North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance
  • Dr Angela Brady, Consultant Clinical Geneticist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London
  • Dr. Raliat Onatade, Chief Pharmacist at North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance
  • Demetra Georgiou, Genomic transformation manager (healthcare innovation) at Imperial and North West London Healthcare
  • Blanche Griffin, North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Pathway Implementation Manager
  • Corinne Trim, Education and Training Lead at North Thames Genomic Medicine Services
  • Dr Dagmar Tapon, Genetic Counsellor at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Please find below a list of the further education opportunities and information sources highlighted in the presentation:

  • Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme offers educational slide decks, videos and taught courses. Visit their website for further information here
  • Organised by NHSEI, HEE’s Genomics Education programme and the RCNi, you can register for the remaining ‘From Niche to Necessity: Genomics in routine care’ webinars, which aim to support nurses, midwives and health visitors. Each webinar is CPD-certified and will allow participants to gain two hours of participatory CPD towards their revalidation. You can register here
  • To find our more about the Master’s in Genomic Medicine, sponsored by HEE’s Genomics Education Programme, visit their website here
    • Futurelearn also offer a number of courses related to genomics

My genome sequence part one

This short animation, aimed at young people, explains what genome sequencing is and what happens when patients have their genome sequenced.

Fact Sheet

Genetics Home Reference (USA)

​An introduction to fundamental topics related to human genetics, including illustrations and basic explanations of genetics concepts (downloadable as short pdf) as well as a wide variety of interactive tutorials.

Suitable for all levels.


Nature Partner journals

About Nature Research:

Nature Research is here to serve the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries—findings that advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges that we face as a society today.

Our journals publish not only primary research but also reviews, critical comment, news and analysis.

From Nature—the leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869—to selective subject-specific subscription journals including Nature Genetics and Nature Physics and broad open-access journals such as Nature Communications and Scientific Reports, there is a home for your research within our family of journals.

We’re committed to providing more options for authors in the open access arena too.

The Communications journals, a group of high-quality, selective, open access multidisciplinary journals, published their first articles in 2018.

Our Nature Reviews titles showcase authoritative, accessible and significant review content.

High-quality graphics and enhanced content provide context and explanation, whatever your discipline.

Fact Sheet Infographic Toolkit

Your Genome

This is an excellent website with a wide variety of topics suitable for all levels from children to professionals.

Topics covered include basics of genomics, technologies, applications, careers and ethics.

Highly recommended.

Online Course

Genomics in healthcare

Gain insight into the role of genomic technologies across the breadth of medicine, with this flexible program of online courses from St George’s, University of London.

Online Course

Public health masterclass in genomics

As genomics continues to move into mainstream patient care, it should be considered in many facets of public health, such as controlling outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Therefore, a need exists for public health professionals to be aware of the power of genomics to bring benefits to patients and their families.