The National Genomic Test Directory

The National Genomic Test Directory (NGTD) specifies the most appropriate test for each clinical indication, the testing methodology by which it should be delivered, the patients who will be eligible to access each test and who should order the test.

To improve the equity of access to high quality genetic tests, NHS England have centrally commissioned (and funded) the Genomic Laboratory Hubs (GLHs) to deliver genetic testing. This means that all NHS Trusts will be able to access these test free of charge (for eligible patients) once the service is fully launched.

The genomic testing in the test directory is split into two categories:

  1. Rare and Inherited Diseases (including supplemental eligibility criteria).
  2. Cancer

The NGTD will be updated regularly as evidence arises to suggest the inclusion of new genes. NHS England will shortly issue the process whereby new tests can be submitted for consideration.

NHS England have also published a National Genomic Test Directory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.