What we do

With the introduction of the Hub, rather than sending tests to individual labs across the country, as was done previously, those NHS Trusts in the London North area will send all genomic sequence diagnostic tests to the London North GLH.

In our Hub we have two main laboratories. The one for Rare and Inherited Diseases is based at GOSH. For cancer the main laboratory is based at The Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH).

The genomic work of London North is largely divided into two sections:

  1. core testing

This includes some testing for: rare and inherited disease and most cancer testing. This core testing will be delivered by all seven GLHs in England.

For rare and inherited diseases: London North GLH will test for the more common conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Haemochromatosis, pre-natal aneuploidy testing and a range of other tests.

For cancer genomic testing:  all somatic genomic tests on solid tumour and leukaemias are currently designated as core tests and will be delivered by all seven GLHs including London North.

  • Specialist testing for rare and inherited diseases.

Testing for specialist areas have been divided into 17 groups and these tests will be delivered by between two and four GLHs with specialist expertise in these areas.

London North GLH will also provide specialist testing for the following conditions:

A single, national testing system will mean that patients with all conditions listed in the National Genomic Test Directory will have access to the tests they require regardless of whether or not London North GLH performs that test group.

During 2020, it is expected that whole genome sequencing will start to be available for:

  • Children with cancer.
  • Children and adults with one of 21 rare and inherited conditions where current evidence supports early adoption of whole genome sequencing as a diagnostic test.
  • People with specific types of cancer for which there is likely to be the greatest patient benefit from using whole genome sequencing